Dermatend Review

dermertend product creamThe mole, wart, skin tag remover!

What is it and what ingredients make up this magical cream?!

Basically its a natural mole removal cream that penetrates the mole tissue and chemically destroys it, reducing its size and then eventually gets rid of it all together.

I know it sounds kind of harsh, but believe me, you have nothing to worry about! It does not leave any skin marks, scars or wounds after using it and is not going to give your skin a burning feeling.

In fact, when you compare this solution for getting rid of your moles, tags or warts to other procedures like laser mole removal, cryosurgery Mole treatment or excision, Dermatend because of the natural ingredients that it contains, will leave you MOLE’less and without any mole scars or marks :)


Dermatend Ingredients


Vegetable Glycerin

Is a substance that acts as a moisturiser for your skin and keeps it healthy after your mole falls off. It is really common to find this substance in other top skincare creams, and no wonder! it is one of the best ingredients for keeping your skin protected and moisten.


This is plant which comes from Canada and North Central part of US and is the main ingredient this cream. This very plant is fights and removes unwanted skin tags and moles and other skin problems that you may have.

It is also popular because of how safe it is to use at home and at the same being very powerful and useful.

Butter of Zinc

This is  fascinating ingredient or more precisely: a chemical compound that is used in combination with bloodroot extract during surgery to cut off cancerous skin cells without damaging the healthy cells. This process was discovered by no other then Dr. Frederic Mohs and to this day is still used by all surgeons around the globe because it is still remains the best way to get rid of cancer skin cells.



It is really important to follow these exact instructions because it is not your average day or night cream that you apply and rub in. Because of the nature of this cream to DESTROY your moles or warts :) it is very important to be extra careful when applying this on your skin to cover only the parts that need to be covered.

So here are the first steps :

1. Using the filing board that each package of Dermatend provides, you need to gently scratch the surface of your mole to get rid of the protective ‘roof’ of the mole so that it does block the cream coming inside to penetrate it. Don’t worry, this process should be painless and even if for some reason you will feel a small amount of pain, it is a small price to pay for getting rid of your ugly moles :)

2. Use a cotton bud or Q tip for applying some Vaseline around the area where your mole is. This will make sure that the healthy skin stays protected from the cream when the ingredients (bloodroot extract and zinc) starts to kick in and start destroying the mole tissue.

3. Now, using a cotton bud, or if you don’t have that, some cotton wrapped around a match or toothpick, apply a small amount of dermatend cream on the mole slightly rubbing it on the surface. Guys, it is not necessary to squeeze half of the tube on to the mole! it will not give you better results! check out some of the reviews by people that confirm this saying you only need a small amount of the cream for it to work!

4. Next, patiently wait for the cream to dry! don’t start wrapping the affected area with bandages or smudging everything with cotton! Remember, we don’t want the health skin cells to taste some of that bloodroot extract! On average I found that the cream dries in 20 minutes meaning it fully penetrated that nasty mole.

5. OK so now that it is dried up, you can cover the area with some bandages so that you don’t run a risk of getting the cream on the Mole wiped or scratched off while it does the work on penetrating the affected skin.

EXTRA TIP : If you feel like this is all too much or that it is kind of scary because you are afraid of burning you healthy skin around the mole then try and practice and remove one mole at a time. Don’t try to apply the cream on all of the moles that you have. Start with the moles that are located on the body first, to get the feel and the experience of using this product before moving on to your face moles.


dermatend results after careDERMATEND AFTER CARE


So now that we followed the instructions, we are keen on seeing results as fast as we can right ? but let me tell you that this feeling can lead to another problem. let me explain :

You see, after you take your bandage off you will see a scab that will not please your eye, and I guarantee that most people will want to remove it with their nails by scratching it or squeezing it with their fingers. DO NOT DO THAT!

Remember that having a scab after using dermatend means that the ingredients worked! and it is just a matter of time before the dead mole falls off naturally! If you try and remove it yourself, you WILL leave a small scar and you dont want that!


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